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yo im dirk and/or roxy, pronouns are basically anything thats not she/her, im 15 and i never fuckin learned how to read

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Little doodle of Aradia!

ppl who think curly hair is ugly im so sorry for u i hope ur dumb bitch disease gets cured soon

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there's nothing in johndave so i'm fixing that

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Oh gosh these are so adorable!! <3

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Just a quick goofy doode of John!
He's adorable and lots of fun to draw!

fellas is it gay to be crushing on 5 dudes simultaneously


yo im a tunglr migrant, ill probs still be active over there til i get a steady stream of content here

name's dirk lalonde, i use mostly he/him and they/them pronouns although anything other than she/her is fair game; im mostly lookin for fandom content and shitposts

fandoms im lookin for content of:

-homestuck (particularly stuff related to pepsicola or dirk strider)


-steven universe (mostly su critical stuff really)



-httyd (excluding hidden world as i havent watched it)

-pangya (if i find one person on here that also likes pangya my life will be complete)

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trans rights are human rights

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